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We are not just Creative, we are Inventive.

Pro–acoustics is amongst the most momentous acoustical consulting, service and material provider, serving clients across the Globe. Whatever your operating scale is, whatever your desired outcome is, whatever resources you have and whatever the degree of project complexity is, you rest assured. With absolute dedication and hard work along with inventive and creative approach Pro-acoustics makes sure that you dream turns to reality.

Understanding that an optimal design requires a pensive equilibrium of financial, , operative, technical and organizational objectives and constraints we have a multi-disciplinary team of acoustical engineering experts, architects, facility directors and core experts, well equipped with latest technology and gadgets. In order to cater client requirements in the most coherent and effective way, we have implemented a working methodology that identifies the project key phases scientifically, keeping in consideration feasibility analysis so that correct strategy may be prepared. Our consulting practice areas specialize in all aspects of architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control.